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Using Data & Analytics allows you to see your company from the customers perspective. It helps you understand how your website is being used, which marketing dollars are working, and what’s driving customer retention.

Analytics allows marketers and business owners to see where value is coming in, where the money is being spent, and the return on that investment. A web analytics agency like Flash Digital helps you make sense of it all and gain actionable insights.

Web analytics is incredibly valuable, but only if the data is reliable and clean. Bad data has a domino effect. When you use poor quality data, the results will be poor quality and usually isn’t cost effective.
In a day when everyone is online, properly collecting and using accurate data is an absolute must. Without analytics, it’s impossible for a business to know if they’re setting meaningful marketing goals and whether or not those goals are attainable.

As one of a handful of top marketing analytics companies, Augurian works with you to customize your measurement strategy and implementation, ultimately giving you a reliable source of truth that creates the actionable reports you need to make strategic choices.


Website tracking analytics allow businesses to hone in on what customers really want and shed light on the best ways to deliver that. Analytics marketing services provide in-depth, data-based answers to all your most pressing questions.

How customers are utilizing my website?
Which of my website content performs best?
Where is website traffic coming from?
Which areas of my site convert most effectively?
Which content types are generating revenue
How well does my strategy suit my business model?


Augurian’s analytics team uses website tracking services to create actionable insights from the data already available to you. We take advantage of all the features Google Analytics has to offer and we clean up your data. We even help you translate this feedback to confront business challenges and make intelligent decisions.

Analytics is a must for the following tactics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The valuable data analytics offers to your business lets you track keywords, compare non-organic to organic visitors, find top-performing content, and so much more.
E-Commerce: Save time and money. Analytics gives you access to stats from your online marketing and sales activities, giving you an extra edge on your competitors and letting you know which channels aren’t working and which to double down on.
Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC): Analytics offers maximum insights on your paid search campaign. Among several other benefits, you can easily view multi-channel funnels reports and follow a customer’s journey from beginning to conversion.
Email Marketing: Analytics offers detailed reporting on a long list of insights while showing the efficacy of your email campaign; you do zero heavy lifting – the report is created for you.
Social Media Optimization: With handy tools like Google Tag Manager and Social Media Goals, a digital analytics agency will have your social media working for you in ways you never knew possible.
Mobile Marketing: It’s the age of mobile communication — analytics lets you take full advantage of mobile marketing. Track page speed, monitor bounce rates, view devices used, and set goals for your marketing plans.


As a trusted marketing analytics firm, Augurian understands that analytics is one of the most powerful tools in a business’s arsenal. Our data-driven web analytics services let you see the full picture of your marketing investments.


Google Analytics is a very important digital marketing tool. The value of the insights it provides cannot be overstated. Choosing an analytics marketing agency like Augurian set it up for you ensures that a trusted service is monitoring your business and tracking website analytics, such as:

Measuring individual campaign results in real-time
Comparing and contrast data across time
Measuring customer engagement measurement
Keeping track of conversion tracking

Campaign tracking is vital. It measures the efficacy of your marketing efforts and lets you know if too much or too little money is being spent and will offer recommendations for changes. Campaign tracking saves you money and ensures you’re on the right track to achieve your business goals.

Some of the important insights it provides are:

How much traffic your campaigns drive
Quality scores
Landing page, keyword, and campaign performance
How many conversions you achieve
How much revenue each campaign produces

A/B testing is used as an experiment to decide which variation of an online experience performs better. The different variations are randomly introduced to users, then the results are analyzed. This type of testing allows for the success of potential data-driven changes to be determined before they’re implemented, guaranteeing positive impacts like:

Improved user engagement
Enhanced content
Lower bounce rates
Improved conversion rates

Our website analytics consulting department creates three cross-channel dashboards for your site that reflect user experience, acquisition paths, and content effectiveness. These dashboards identify the functionality of your current measurement strategy and call out areas of improvement.

Once these dashboards are complete they will:

Tell you how well each tactic is performing
How each tactic affects engagement and conversion
Identify what you should be doing more or less of

As a top digital analytics company, Augurian recognizes that closed-loop analytics is the holy grail of digital marketing. It shows you how much revenue specific digital marketing channels generate.

To implement Closed-loop analytics, we use Google Tag Manager, browser cookies, and hidden form fields to create a mechanism that passes that data into the CRM as new leads are generated. Once that information is associated with the leads in the CRM, we close the loop with API integration.

This offers a robust view of what is and isn’t working for your marketing investments, as well as a single source of truth for you and Augurian to work from that will let us wisely answer your toughest business questions.


At Augurian, marketing analytics consulting is what we do. Our knowledgeable team partners with you every step of the way to get actionable insights that are based on clean data to increase the growth and success of your business.

We’ll even work with your in-house team, empowering analytics employees to use our tools to benefit you even more. We are a data analytics agency created to help you have confidence in your digital marketing investments.

Get the best results with the best analytics agency.

At Augurian, we promise to be:

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